Undergraduate Studies

Jewish Studies offers undergratudates a variety of opportunities:

Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies
The major focuses on the study of Judaism, defined as the civilization of the Jews; considers Jewish history and modern life; enhances the student’s understanding of Jewish contributions to western civilization; and facilitates enhanced cultural awareness and global perspective.

Provides undergraduate students with a broad understanding of the language, history, culture and religion of the Jews, by taking seven approved courses in Jewish studies.

Scholarship, fellowship and grant opportunities to undergraduate students of any major involved in Jewish Studies.

Numerous Jewish studies courses are offered each semester in a variety of departments, university-wide, to fit everyone's schedule.

Study abroad programs in Israel
Take the first step toward experiencing Israel.

Community Service and Internship opportunities
If you are looking for community service or internship opportunities, please contact Jewish studies. We can assist you to make valuable connections within the Jewish community.