The following is a list of companies who have a history of matching funding.
Whether or not your company is listed below, please note that companies frequently change their policies. Your company's human resources department should be able to verify your company's current policy. Companies noted with "MG" offer a matching gift opportunity.

Abbott Laboratories Fund
Ace Ina Matching Gift
Akzo Nobel Inc.
Alco Standard Corporation
Allegheny International MG
Alliant Energy Foundation MG
Allied Corporation MG
Allied Foundation Inc.
Allied Signal MG
Altria Employee Involvement MG
Amer Honda Motor Co., Inc. MG
American Brands, Inc. MG
American Express Foundation
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
American International Group
American Medical International
American Telephone & Telegraph
AMF, Inc. MG
Aon Foundation
ARG Management, Inc.
Argonaut Insurance Group MG
Armco, Inc. MG
Arthur D. Raybin Associates
Aspect Matching Gift Program
Associates First Capital Fund
AT&T Foundation MG
Atena Foundation
Atlantic Richfield Co. MG
Automatic Data Processing Inc
Avon Matching Gifts Program
AXA Foundation

B.F. Goodrich Co. MG
Ball Corporation
BankAmerica Foundation
Barnes Group Foundation, Inc.
BD Matching Gift Program
Bituminous Insurance Co.
Boole & Babbage
BP Employee Matching Gifts
Brinks Inc. MG
Bucyrus-Erie Co.
Builders Insurance Group
Bunge Corporation MG

C. R. Bard, Inc.
Caterpillat Tractor Co.
Chemical Bank
Chevron Products Company
ChoicePoint Inc. Matching Gift
Cigna Foundation
Cingular Wireless MG
Citgo Petroleum Corporation
Citicorp Foundation
Citigroup Foundation
CNA Foudation
Coca-Cola Company MG
COMPAQ Matching Gift
Computer Associates
Confederation Life Insurance
Connecticut General Insurance Group
Continental Illinois National
Cooper Industries Foundation
Corning Glass Works
CPC International Inc. MG
Cray Research Inc.

Dart Industries Inc.
DeKalb Agresearch Inc. MG
Del Monte Corp. MG
Deluxe Check Printers, Inc.
Dow Chemical Co USA MG
DPIC Companies MG
Drexler Shower Door Co.

E.Q. Services, Inc.
Emerson Electric Co.
Emhart Corp.
Ensign-Bickford Foundation
Envision Design, Inc.
Equifax Foundation Inc.
Equitable Life Insurance Society
Equitable Real Estate
Esmark, Inc.
Exxon Corporation

Fannie Mae Foundation
Federated Department Stores
Fidelity Investments
Fiduciary Trust Inc. MG
Fireman’s Fund Foundation
First Data Corporation
Fluor Corp. MG
Ford & Harrison L.L.P. MG
Ford Motor Company MG
Frederic W. Cook & Co.
Freeport-McMoran, Inc.

GannettMatch/Gannett Found.
Gap Foundation Gift Match Program
General Cinema Corp. MG
General Dynamics MG
General Gulf MG
General Mills Foundation
General Re Corporation
Genrad, Inc.
Georgia Gulf Corporation
Georgia Health Foundation, Inc.
Getty Oil Company MG
Gilman Paper Co. MG
GlaxoSmithKlineFoundation MG
GoodYear Tire & Rubber Co.
Great West Community Support
Gulf & Western Industries, Inc.
Gulf Oil Corp. MG

H. J. Heinz Co. MG
Harsco Corp. MG
Hewlett-Packard/Compaq MG
Hoechst Celanese Corp.
Honeywell Foundation
Houghton Chemical Corp. MG
Houghton Mifflin Company

IBM Matching Gifts
Ikon Office Solutions
Industrial Developments Int’l.
ING Foundation
Insurance Co. MG
Interlake Foundation MG
International Business MG

Jeanette Crews MG
John Hancock Financial Ser Inc.
John Hancock Mutual Life Ins.
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Higgins Matching

K-Mart Corp.
Kemper National
Kimberly-Clark Foundation
Koppers Company, Inc.
Kraft, Inc.

Lee Technologies, Inc.
Lever Brothers Co.
Lotus Development Corporation
Lyndall, Inc.

M. A. Hanna Company Foundation
M. H. Hanna Company
MacArthur, John and Catherine
Machine Corp. MG
Manufacturers Hanover
Martin Management, Ltd.
McGraw - Edison Co.
McGraw-Hill Companies
McMaster-Carr Supply
Mellon Gift Matching Program
Merit Oil Corp./Merit Gasoline
Merrill Lynch & Co Foundation
Metropolitan Life
Microsoft MG
Mobil Foundation Inc
Monsanto Fund
Montgomery Ward & Co., Inc.
Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. NY
Morton - Thiokol, Inc.
Motorola Foundation
Mr. B’s Enterprises, Inc.
MTS Systems, Corp.
Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co.
Mutual Life Insurance Co of NY

National Computer Systems
National Processing Center Inc
National Service Foundation
National Starch & Chemical
Nations Bank
NCR Foundation
Network Associates
Nissan North American
Nordson Corporation
Nordstrom Corp.
Norrell Corporation
Norton Co.
NYNEX Family of Companies

Olin Corp.
Once For All

Pacific Scientific
Pennzoil Co.
Pepsico Foundation Inc
Pfizer, Inc.
Pharmacia Foundation MG
Phelps Dodge Foundation
Philips Electronics
Phillip Morris, Inc.
PipeVine, Inc.
Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Polaroid Corp.
PPG Industries, Inc.
PQ Corp.

Quaker Oats Foundation
Quest Diagnostics MG

R. J. Reynolds Industries, Inc
R.R. Donnellery & Sons MG
Ralston Purina Co.
Reader’s Digest Foundation
Rexnord, Inc.
Rockwell International Corp. Tr.
Royal Crown Companies, Inc.
Russell Corporation
Ryco, Inc.

Safeco Insurance Companies
Safeguard Business Sys., Inc.
Santa Fe Industries, Inc.
Sapient Corporation
SBC Foundation Matching Gift
Seagram & Sons, Inc.
Security Pacific Corp.
Sedgwick Inc
Signa Corp.
Six Continents Hotels
SmithKline Beecham
SmithKline Beecham Foundation
Southern Bell
Southern Telcom, Inc. MG
Southland Corp.
Sprint Foundation
St. Paul Companies, Inc. Foundation
Standard Oil Company Ohio
State Street Corporation
Steelcase Foundation MG
Stuart Compton Associates
Sun Companies
Sun Microsystems Foundation

Tandy Corp.
Tektronix, Inc.
Telcordia Technologies
Temple-Inland Foundation
Tenet HealthCare Foundation
Texas Eastern Corp.
Textron Matching Gift Programs
The Arthur M. Blank Family
The Charles Schwab Corp.
The Charter Company MG
The Chase Manhattan Foundation
The Chubb Corporation
The Community Foundation
The Equitable Foundation
The Freddie Mac Foundation MG
The Home Depot
The Meadville Corp.
The Merck Company Foundation
The Neiman Marcus Group
The Northern Trust Company
The Prudential Foundation
The Robinson Humphrey Co.
The Rockdale Foundation
The Rockdale Foundation, Inc
The Signal Companies, Inc.
The Times Mirror Corp.
The Toro Co.
3M Foundation
Time Warner, Inc.
Time, Inc.
Transamerica Corp.
Transco Energy Co.
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line
TRW Foundation
Tug Manufacturing Corporation
Turner Foundation

U.S. West Foundation
U.S. Gypsum Foundation, Inc.
UBS Matching Gift
The UPS Foundation
Union Pacific Corp.
United Life & Accident Ins. Co.
United Parcel Service
United Technologies Corp.
United Virginia Bankshares Inc.
USA Interactive Foundation MG
USF&G Foundation

Vacher, John
Verizon Foundation MG
Vulcan Materials Company

W. W. Grainger
Washington Post Co.
Waste Management, Inc.
Western Electric Corp.
Westinghouse Foundation
Whellabrator Frye, Inc.
Williams Community Relations
Winn Dixie Stores, Inc.
WMX Technologies

Xcel Energy
Xerox Corporation

Yahoo MG
Yarway Corp.

Zeist Foundation