Discussions on Discrimination

Two special events with Jonathan Fox, Bar Ilan University. Co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict

Why Do People Discriminate Against Jews?

Feb. 16 

What insights do social science theories and classic studies of antisemitism provide about the causes of societal and government-based discrimination against Jews in 76 countries across the globe? Join us for an empirical, fact-based, discussion of the causes, including religion, anti-Zionism and belief in conspiracy theories of Jewish power.

Offered in partnership with Martin Pear JCC and Jewish Family & Children's Services Center for Senior Enrichment.

Why Governments Discriminate Against Religious Minorities

Feb. 17 

Why do governments discriminate against religious minorities? According to Jonathan Fox, author of the book, “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me: Why Governments Discriminate against Religious Minorities”, this is actually two questions:

  • Why do some governments discriminate more than others?

  • Why are some minorities singled out for more discrimination than others?

COVID 19 Guidelines: Please keep in mind the CDC recommendations as well as ASU Community of Care health protocols on how to keep yourself and others healthy. Consistent with ASU’s current guidelines, face coverings are required during this event and negative COVID tests prior to attending are highly recommended. Face coverings will be available upon entry for those who may have forgotten them.

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