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As a Jewish studies student in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you’ll belong to a community of scholars who are eager to make connections, build relationships and create memories to last a lifetime. Your schoolwork is important but your college experience means so much more than just academics. You’ll have access to a variety of extracurricular activities that’ll help you excel academically, personally and professionally. Take advantage of your life as a Sun Devil and get involved with fellow students who share your interests.

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If you want to learn more about campus life at Arizona State University, schedule a tour of the Tempe campus. Our campus visits last about three hours and you’ll get the full Sun Devil experience. You’ll stroll down our most popular walking corridors alongside beautiful palm trees and imaginative architecture. You’ll also learn about our points of pride, on-campus events, residence halls and what it’s like being a Sun Devil at ASU.

Once your tour is complete, we encourage you to explore the Valley of the Sun. The main campus is just minutes from downtown Tempe and Mill Avenue where you can try new restaurants, attend cultural events, browse public art collections, experience outdoor fun and discover various activities and hobbies that suit your interests.

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When you choose to obtain a college education, you’re opening the door to possibility and opportunity. An undergraduate degree in Jewish studies offers unmatched value in today’s competitive workforce. You’ll gain a global perspective and heighten your appreciation for other cultures which will help you when applying for jobs in world politics, economics, international business and Jewish relations. So don’t let the cost of tuition stand in your way, we’ll help you figure out how to fund your education in Jewish studies.

As a Jewish studies major, a student enrolled in our courses or graduate student committed to the field, you’ll have access to financial aid packages from Arizona State University and various scholarships from our program and research center, including the Benjamin Goldberg Memorial Scholarship, the Cabot Family Scholarship, Schwartz Scholarships, and others to support your Jewish studies education. 

Learn how to fund your tuition with financial aid and Jewish studies scholarship opportunities.

While studying on the Tempe campus, you’ll be able to participate in a wide variety of student clubs and organizations. If you want to deepen your understanding and appreciate of Jewish culture, consider joining Chabad or Hillel. Both organizations strive to enrich Jewish studies while raising awareness about the concerns in Israel. You can make connections with the Jewish community while attending social events, Shabbat dinners and more.

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We offer a collection of study abroad programs in Israel to enhance your Jewish studies. You’ll be able to experience the allure of Jerusalem, Eilat, Tel Avivi, Arad and Haifa as you explore the country’s cultural, political and religious importance. You’ll also study the languages of the Middle East, including Hebrew and Arabic. Your newfound global perspective will help you excel in graduate school or the professional field of your choosing.

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We want you make the most out of your college experience. You’ll have access to a variety of career services, internship opportunities and experimental learning projects for professional development.

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If you want the full Sun Devil experience, live in one of our residence halls. You’ll be close to classes and right in the center of student life with various activities and events that happen on the Tempe campus.

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